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Warrens Group is working with the public sector and private companies towards the ultimate goal of eliminating food waste in landfill, which is both costly and harmful to the environment.

As an alternative we use biotechnology via anaerobic digestion to treat food waste and organic materials – creating valuable resources and clean, green energy.

For our farming customers we provide a safe secure disposal of your waste products, whilst also creating renewable energy and biofuels.


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The number of tonnes of food waste and organic based materials we currently convert.


The number of kWh of clean, green energy generated.


The number of homes which can be powered with clean, green energy for an entire year.


The number of tonnes of bio-fertiliser we supply to local farmers to help grow their crops.

Food Waste Services

We're experts in our field and can help solve your farm and food waste problems.

Collection Image Warrens Waste Nothing Wasted

Warrens has the capacity to meet the operational needs of its customers no matter how big or how small. Our scheduled collections cover a wide geographical area – which is expanding all the time. Our fleet of trucks are specially designed to satisfy different collection types, from wheelie bins to bulk transportation.

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Treatment Image Warrens Waste Emerald Bio Gas

We treat a broad range of packaged or unpackaged food waste and organic based materials at our Emerald Biogas anaerobic digestion facility. By using Warrens Group you know that you are acting responsibly, contributing to the circular economy and saving the world’s precious resources.

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Food Fuel Image Warrens Waste Food Fuel

We have been the region’s leading collector of fallen stock for more than three generations. During this time we have built a reputation for providing the most efficient and comprehensive service in the region with 94 per cent of collections completed within 24 hours from receipt of order.

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