A third generation family business…

From our inception in 1946, as John Warren (Animal By-Products) Ltd we offered a range of recycling solutions directly to agricultural businesses.

This became the foundation on which our business was built and we quickly developed and began recycling organic materials from abattoirs, butchers and the meat production industry across the region.

Warrens Group continued to grow and in 2012 the company embarked on an exciting joint venture with Agricore – by opening Emerald Biogas – the region’s first commercial food waste anaerobic digestion facility.

This natural biological process allows us to treat a broad spectrum of food waste and organic materials converting it into useful resources including clean, green energy and liquid fertiliser we supply to farmers to help them grow crops.

In 2016 we doubled our treatment capacity and we are already processing 115,000 tonnes of waste annually.


The number of tonnes of food waste and organic based materials we currently convert.


The number of kWh of clean, green energy generated.


The number of homes which can be powered with clean, green energy for an entire year.


The number of tonnes of bio-fertiliser we supply to local farmers to help grow their crops.

A principled approach…

Our guiding principles continue to help us to inform and support businesses, organisations and communities around the environmental issues caused by traditional methods of waste disposal.

We can show how Warrens Group can contribute to tackling food poverty by reducing the £17bn worth of food that is currently wasted in the UK by households, the hospitality and food service industry and the retail and wholesale sectors.

Our next goal is to activate the final phase of our ambitious expansion plan, to allow us to treat 200,000 tonnes of food waste and organic based materials annually.


Adam & Antony Warren – Company Directors

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