The world is changing and our responsibilities are changing with it.

Today’s leftovers, tomorrow’s clean, green energy…

The Food Fuel initiative currently helps hundreds of schools and educational institutions by recycling food waste and converting it into useful resources. Over a 40 week school year as much as 80,000 tonnes of food is said to be wasted by primary and secondary schools across the UK – with up to 78 per cent of that being avoidable.

Our aim is to reduce these figures through our sustainable food waste service until no food waste finds its way into landfill or a kitchen macerator. We also run an educational programme aimed at children and young adults which explains how we can all reduce food waste – and the science behind our processes.


The number of tonnes of food waste and organic based materials we currently convert.


The number of kWh of clean, green energy generated.


The number of homes which can be powered with clean, green energy for an entire year.


The number of tonnes of bio-fertiliser we supply to local farmers to help grow their crops.

Taylor Shaw Case Study
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Food Waste - An Important Issue
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