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Providing sustainable solutions by converting your food waste into bio-energy.

The responsible way to deal with food waste…

The Food Fuel initiative is the responsible way to deal with food waste. It provides the perfect platform for green-minded businesses to act sustainably and save money on traditional waste collection costs. We provide our members with certainty that 100 per cent of food waste is collected on a scheduled basis and converted into valuable resources and clean, green energy to power thousands of homes. By being part of the Food Fuel initiative you will gain access to a range of tools and resources to show your customers that you are acting sustainably and making a contribution to reducing the £17bn of food currently wasted in the UK.


The number of tonnes of food waste and organic based materials we currently convert.


The number of kWh of clean, green energy generated.


The number of homes which can be powered with clean, green energy for an entire year.


The number of tonnes of bio-fertiliser we supply to local farmers to help grow their crops.

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