Nutrients in digestate could be worth over £200 million to UK farming.

When used for heat, biomethane generated from food and organic waste could produce GHG savings of up to 92% compared to natural gas.

Providing treatment solutions for a range of food waste and organic based materials.

The first choice for the treatment of food waste and organic based materials…

Working with the private and public sectors have unrivalled expertise in treating a broad range of food waste and organic materials. Our ability to efficiently process both packaged or unpackaged materials and effluents make us the number one choice for our customers. Most importantly we are diverting our clients’ waste from traditional methods of disposal that are harmful to the environment to create valuable resources including enough clean green energy to power 19,000 a homes for an entire year.


The number of tonnes of food waste and organic based materials we currently convert.


The number of kWh of clean, green energy generated.


The number of homes which can be powered with clean, green energy for an entire year.


The number of tonnes of bio-fertiliser we supply to local farmers to help grow their crops.

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